Friday, April 27, 2007

Seeing Progress

The Novice Agility Class finished up this week. We learned a lot and saw progress for both Polo and Rudy and the handlers (aka Mom and Dad). Polo still is Mr. Confident on the course and had his best performance at a run through. He loves to run the course with Mom, but is not in too much of a hurry and stops for a smell occasionally (bird poop on the dog walk). Rudy spent the first few lessons running off to see Mom and Polo during his turn while Dad was running around like crazy to encourage him back. We think he won the "Most Improved" award since he ended the class by racing around the course with great enthusiasm and skill. We took a family photo after the last class.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Getting in Shape

After reading about Brisztow Jones getting into shape ( and an upcoming show we have started running again. We do not want to get in trouble with Aunt Debbie for having an overly soft and rounded Rudy. For us, running is a 90/10 split between walking and running. Rudy would rather have it 100 percent running, while Polo would take the opposite, and Mom and Dad need help with any running.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

We celebrated Mom's 29th birthday again this year! Polo and Rudy did great in Agility class tonight, then enjoyed bully sticks while their 'people' ate ice cream cake.

Thanks to all for the cards and gifts!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Friends for Life

We all enjoyed our time together at the beach. Polo & Rudy loved playing with their cousins and we think the feeling was mutual!Ryan and Polo

Spectator Sports

The weather got cooler later in the week, so we went exploring up to Corolla to check out the Lighthouse. Polo and Rudy had to wait at the bottom while their cousins climbed to the top.

Dogs were not allowed in the lighthouse -- Such a bummer!

They also watched their cousins Ryan and Eric, along with Uncle Dave, speed around a noisy racetrack.

Outer Barks

We discovered a great dog store in Duck called Outer Barks ( We bought almost all of the Vizsla stuff and the boys had their picture taken for the store photo album. After the shopping trip we lounged pool side back at the house and took a walk on the beach. We think the boys look dashing in their new Outer Barks bandanas!

We played in the ocean on our walk and Rudy hunted seagulls.


Polo & Rudy had to be lifeguards and watch over
cousin Eric.
Polo also went swimming with Eric while Rudy was still recovering and digging.

Too much Tail

After the first day of playing in the ocean, Rudy suffered "tail whip", a sprained tail from overuse. A few calls to Aunt Debbie, a trip to the Vet for some meds and rest for a day made him all better.

Settling in at the Beach

Polo claimed his space on the couch next to Uncle Dave to see if his uncle was actually allergic to short haired dogs. Luckily he wasn't and someday we hope to have a Vizsla cousin in Sacramento!

Polo loves Grandpa Hal's back rubs!!

Finding the Lost Colony

On our way to the outer banks of North Carolina, the boys and cousin Eric found the fort at the "Lost Colony" after Rudy dragged Eric through the leaves.