Thursday, January 31, 2008

First Snow!!

It wasn't much, and was melting fast. So we had to take pictures quickly. We never believe the weather man when he says we're going to get 3 - 4 inches, but we were hoping for more than a dusting. Maybe we'll get another chance next month.
Rudy trying to figure out what is on his favorite toy

Awesome Dino!

We've been slow getting some photos up on the blog this month. Here's some of Polo having fun with his new Dino toy.

We love getting new toys, just because. And it's still in one piece. Rudy the Red Toy Destroyer must be on vacation.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Vizsla Burrito?

A happy Vizsla on a cold winter day.

Rudy turns 2!!

Polo (left) and Rudy (right)
Rudy had an extra special birthday this year - his grandparents (human) were visiting for the holidays! That meant two other people who could throw his new toys for him to retrieve.
But nothing beats fighting with his brother over the new toy.