Friday, August 24, 2007

Polo's Retirement Picture

Polo retired from the dog show world and decided he had enough of stacking and sat for his final show picture. Aunt Debbie could not keep her eyes off him, a proud moment to finish Polo! The sign has a few items - Winners, Best of Opposite (his sister Hannah won Best of Breed), and New Champion.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

We are the CHAMPIONS!

Last weekend Polo got that elusive 1 point needed to be an AKC Champion at the dog show in Greensboro. He finally got that monkey off his back! So Aunt Debbie got him another one to hang around his neck!!

Polo's Road to a Champion:

03/22 - 27/2005 Tarheel shows in Raleigh
Danville, Carolina, Alamance, Durham and Fayetteville Kennel Clubs
(Dog show boot camp with Aunt Debbie)

04/23 - 24/2005 Old Dominion and Baltimore County Kennel Clubs
(Long weekend at Aunt Debbie's while Mom & Dad went to Calif.)

06/26/2005 Virginia Kennel Club
(First roadtrip with Aunt Peggy)

08/12/2005 Danville Kennel Club (1/R)
08/14/2005 Greater Hickory Kennel Club (1/W/BW 2 pts.)
(Second roadtrip weekend with Aunt Peggy and first big win!)

09/02/2005 Alamance Kennel Club (1/W/BW 1 pt.)
09/03/2005 Durham Kennel Club (1/W/BW 1 pt.),
09/04/2005 Salisbury North Carolina Kennel Club (1/W/BW 1 pt.)
(Points, points, points! at the Tarheel shows in Raleigh)

03/23/2006 Alamance Kennel Club (1/R)
03/24/2006 Durham Kennel Club (1/W/BW 3 pt. Major)
03/26/2006 Fayetteville Kennel Club (1/R)
(Polo's first Major at the Tarheel shows - he WILL be a champion!)

05/26 - 28/2006 Langley Kennel Club (1/R) and Gloucester Kennel Club Of Virginia
(Whole family road trip to VA with brother Rudy too)

07/01 - 02/2006 Southern Maryland and Rock Creek Kennel Clubs
(Second whole family roadtrip to MD for Rudy's show debut)

08/11/2006 Danville Kennel Club (1/W 2 pts.),
08/12/2006 Carolina Kennel Club (1/W 4 pt. Major)
(Polo gets his second Major competing against his brother in Winston-Salem)

09/01/2006 Alamance Kennel Club (1/R)
(This time Rudy wins over Polo)

12/09/2006 - 12/10/2006 Forsyth Kennel Club (1/R)
(Hoping for lightning to strike twice in Winston-Salem ... oh well)

06/02/2007 - 06/03/2007 Charlottesville - Albemarle Kennel Club (1/R)
(Can it get any harder to win that last point? Blazing hot sun, pouring rain, arrrgh)

08/10/2007 Greater Hickory Kennel Club (1/W/OS 1 pt.)
(What fun to finish AND spend the night with sister Hannah and lovely Kayla!!)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Owe'n and Agility

Owe'n had fun playing with Rudy at our house.

We also tried some Agility practice with Owe'n and Siren. Our mini dog walk was a little scary for Owe'n, but no problem for Siren. A short video shows Owe'n running away from the walk, running back, and then he is working on two-on two-off.

It was a short visit, because we needed to pick up our New Champion, Polo.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Family Photo

Owe'n and Siren are visiting this weekend while Polo and Aunt Debbie are at the show. The weather is still hot and Owe'n, Siren, and Rudy (left to right) are enjoying the pool. They all thought a bigger pool would keep them cooler.
We found some pictures of Owe'n when he visited in Sept. 05 and played with Polo. It was our "test" to see if Polo wanted a brother. The test was a success and we talked to Aunt Debbie about adding to our family.

Time has gone by fast...all of these memories wore Owe'n out and he needed to rest.