Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Year of Agility

2008 was a spectacular year for our agility super-stars!!

We started off with the goal of competing in at least one trial - and finished with multiple titles!!

Ch Tivoliz Now Be Mine OA NA NAJ ... aka Rudy
(plus USDAA Starters Jumper)

Ch Tivoliz CPR CRK Hungarian Gold NA NAJ ... aka Polo

And even had the opportunity to run with Kayla (Polo's sister's sister) while her parent's were on vacation:

We'll see what we can accomplish in 2009. Maybe our goal will be to kick some butt at the Vizsla Nationals this year in Charlotte!!


Sames said...

You have beautiful dogs. Here in Brazil there is no competition. They are trained by you?

Good night and a hug.


Tivoliz Vizslas said...


Captivatin Vizslas said...

Kayla wants to say THANK YOU to "Aunt" Janet for running her in the NC agility trials! She also wants to say "watch out Polo & Rudy - I will be nipping at your heals at Nationals!"